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School & Public Voyages are Set to Sail

Catering to schools, youth organisatons, the general public and corporate clients, our 30 metre gaff rigged Schooner, South Passage is built specifically for adventure sailing and education.

School Voyages

Are a rewarding way to learn, where students experience the exciting world of sailing as soon as they step aboard the South Passage. Our school voyages are a fantastic student outing. They are taught teamwork, initiative and leadership, all while learning about sailing and managing a ship. Not to mention getting to experience the great outdoors.

On a full voyage we will usually have 22 students and 2 teachers. Teachers will be allocated to a watch and can participate in watch duties as much or as little as they like. Most teachers choose to be actively involved in the shipboard activities.

Students are grouped on duty watches, and often work “all hands on deck”. As the duty watch they operate the ship and will rotate around deck duties such as helming, lookout and recording entries in the ship's log, as well as tacking and gybing. There are also maintenance duties, such as cleaning, however students will also get to enjoy off-ship activities such as snorkeling and exploring.


Each South Passage Day Sail and Sailing Voyage is tailored to the objectives of the group sailing with us. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

The cost for a typical 3 day voyage is $190.00 per student per day. This provides everything for the voyage including food, accommodation, training and an unforgettable experience!

Public Voyages

Follow in the footsteps of Captain Cook and Matthew Flinders as you explore Australia’s East Coast on one of our annual coastal voyages. Experience being part of the crew and sailing a traditional sailing ship.

We provide scheduled coastal voyages as part of our sailing program. With opportunities from Cairns to Sydney you can sail at a time to suit you. Sporting teams, corporate groups and families are welcome to charter a passage.

Our Public Voyages also qualify as activities under the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme.

Annual Voyages

  • Sydney to Brisbane in January
  • Brisbane to Gladstone (B2G) Race Easter (March / April)
  • Gladstone to Brisbane after Easter (April/May)
  • Cairns to Cairns in July
  • Hervey Bay to Moreton Bay in September
  • Available for Charter
The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award - Australia

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Program

The Award is a development program inviting young people aged 14-25 to participate in a number of activities in order to enrich their lives.

South Passage joins a network of over 143 countries in supporting and assessing participants in the award. For more information, visit

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