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Welcome to the South Passage Foundation

About the Foundation:

South Passage Foundation Limited was established by The Sail Training Association of Queensland Inc. (STAQ Inc.) to create an opportunity for disadvantaged or at-risk people to participate and have an equal opportunity to hop on board and experience a life-changing expedition.

The Foundation was registered in May 2020 and was granted a Tax-Deductible Gift Recipient Status (DGR) shortly thereafter.  The Foundation aims to enable people in need to participate in and benefit from the life-changing experience on South Passage – a traditional tall ship.


The South Passage Foundation Limited will pursue the charitable purpose by:

  • Providing opportunities to build resilience and purpose through adventure, participation and challenge using a traditional Tall Sailing Ship
  • Providing practical and academic training opportunities to enable acquisition of maritime competencies; and
  • Assisting to develop leadership skills, character, talent, and potential to facilitate employment and enhanced quality of life.


The South Passage Foundation Limited is managed by a Board comprising three (3) volunteer directors who are committed to achieving the foundation's purpose to raise funding to support those who need support. One of the directors is currently on the board of directors of STAQ Inc. The board is supported by a co-opted Secretary and Marketing Co-ordinator. A copy of the Foundations Constitution is available on request.

Ongoing Conduct

All funds received, save for legislated administration costs, will be directed towards providing opportunities for disadvantaged or at-risk people to experience and benefit from ‘sail training’. Potential costs that may be covered include travel to/from the ship, voyage fees and the provision of personal safety equipment such as wet weather equipment, etc. that maybe required to enable full participation.


South Passage Foundation Limited is able to provide tax receipts for you to claim under the Tax-Deductible Gift Receipt (DGR) status.

Our Donors, Funders, and Supporters:

  1. Individuals – who share in the belief that sailing a traditional ship is not only a unique experience but one that can provide immense personal development benefits.
  2. Corporate businesses – We highly appreciate corporate donors who are open heartedly supporting our purpose.
  3. Grant- Awarding Organisations – by contributing to South Passage Foundation, you will be able to help them gain a transformative experience that will change their life – Forever.

As a token of our appreciation, we will include your organisation in our upcoming newsletter distributions and blog posts.

Your contribution to their exploration can be the last few dollars they are waiting for to get on board.

With help and support from

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