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More than Just Sailing - Changing Young People's Lives

"To create positive change in the lives of everyone who experiences South Passage - Adventure Under Sail".


To enable People in Need to participate in, and benefit from, the potentially life-changing personal development experience that is, Adventure under Sail on a traditional tall ship.

About the Foundation:

The Sail Training Association of Qld Inc (STAQ), an incorporated association trading as South Passage - Adventure under Sail, has operated a fee-paying Adventure under Sail personal development program (an activity internationally referred to as ‘sail training’) since 1990. i.e. schools, other groups and individuals paying a daily rate for a voyage. 

Unfortunately, opportunities for disadvantaged or at-risk people to participate have, due to funding restraints, been limited over that time. 

To address this inequity members of STAQ set about establishing The South Passage Foundation with a view to organising and funding berths on suitable ‘sail training’ voyages specifically for disadvantaged or at-risk people. 

The Foundation was registered in July 2020 with the granting of Deductible Gift Recipient Status (DGR) following shortly thereafter.


The South Passage Foundation has been established with the sole object to pursue the charitable purpose of supporting disadvantaged or at-risk people by:

  1. Providing opportunities for disadvantaged or at-risk people to build resilience and purpose through adventure, participation and challenge using a traditional Tall Sailing Ship
  2. Providing practical and academic training opportunities for disadvantaged or at-risk people to enable acquisition of maritime competencies; and
  3. Assisting disadvantaged or at-risk people to develop good character, talent and potential to facilitate employment and enhanced quality of life.


The Foundation is managed by a board comprising three (3) voluntary directors, all of whom are members of STAQ. The Secretary is similarly a member of STAQ and is also an unpaid volunteer. A copy of the Foundations Constitution is available on request. 

Ongoing Conduct

All funds received, save for legislated administration costs, will be directed towards providing opportunities for disadvantaged or at-risk people to experience and benefit from ‘sail training’. Potential costs that may be covered include travel to/from the ship, voyage fees and the provision of personal safety equipment such as wet weather equipment/personal flotation devices/etc that maybe required to enable full participation.

The Skipper’s Fund

To directly support participation on a voyage, thus ensuring that no Person in Need misses out due to their personal circumstances (be it poverty, distress arising from sickness, disability, destitution, suffering, misfortune or helplessness) a donation to the Skipper’s Fund will do just that. 


The majority of Australian grant awarding organisations require the recipient of their funds to have Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status. 

As a holder of DGR status The South Passage Foundation seeks funding from those grant awarding organisations, together with others and individuals, who share in the belief that sailing a traditional tall ship is not only a unique experience, but one that can provide immense personal development benefits to disadvantaged or at-risk people. 

To ensure donations are directed appropriately we have, apart from the treatment of specific donations, two funding programs. The Skipper’s Fund and the Sailing Master’s Fund. Named in honour of the ship’s officers responsible for delivering Adventure under Sail voyages, each of these funds target a different, but vitally important, need.

The Sailing Master’s Fund:

Designed to support practical training opportunities for People in Need to enable them to acquire maritime competencies. 

Should you wish to discuss making a donation please contact us via email at  

All donations over $2 are tax deductible. A receipt will be forwarded by email once processing is finalised.

How to Donate?

Over the Phone

call the South Passage office on (07) 3893 3777


send your cheque donation to: The South Passage Foundation, PO Box 5114, Manly, QLD, 4179

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