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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: St Gregory’s College


FROM: Sydney TO: Sydney

DATE: 02 Dec 2017

POSITION: Manly, Sydney Harbour

Report by: White Watch

1 December 2017:

We started by boarding the boat at Kings Street Wharf, Number 8 at 8:05pm. We hopped on the boat and were introduced to the members of the vessel by Captain Damon and set off. We didn’t get very far as we only had enough time to go around the harbour once and then found our bunks and groups and settled in to what we thought was going to be an easy 6 days.

2 December 2017:

We started the day at our anchored spot near Taronga Zoo. The white group was woken up at for a 4:00 shift where we polished the brass of the boat under the sunrise and the sound of many animals at Taronga Zoo. At 6:30 everyone was woken to the sound of the bugle which didn’t make many people happy. We were informed of our days activities consisting of breakfast, learning where the emergency exits were and other safety procedures. We then learned the ropes of the ship and how to tack, set the sail and other skills on how to run the ship as crew members.

We put these skills to use as we were told to prepare and crew a practice voyage around Sydney Harbour. We passed Manly going through the Heads to the open ocean and facing a big task ahead. We faced conditions of strong winds, big swell and ice cold water crashing over the ship. We took turns in steering the ship, being lookouts and tacking and manoeuvring the ship and steering us towards our next destination near Manly Harbour and beach where we have anchored for the night.


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