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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: General Public Voyage


FROM: Sydney TO: Brisbane

DATE: Day 3, 10 January 2017

POSITION: Approaching Crowdy Head

Report by: Sailing Master

The morning light showed us nestled up in Coalshaft Bay Broughton Island, and with the exception of those on watch, none were in a hurry to extricate themselves from their bunks, including the writer.

Hughie’s impeccable breakfast of bacon and eggs over, the crew quickly got themselves ashore courtesy of the dinghy driver for a swim and to reaffirm their acquaintance with terra firma.

Underway again at 10:00 hrs, but a smoother ride promised. Winds have been fluky to non effective, and the swell has subsided. All were able to find their sea legs today, which must have been a bonus for those who spent the best part of 2 days out of the action. Mal de mare is not the most pleasant sickness to put it mildly, and on this trip even some of the regular crew were feeling decidedly unwell during yesterday’s journey.

Presently we are making just over 4 knots, so our eta at Trial Bay is in-concise, but it will definitely be in the daylight hours.

REPORT BY Red Watch:

It is currently 22:21 and the wind is increasingly picking up, let alone that we are set to sail continuously through the night. The swell has slowly picked up .. Even though we lost one knot game this morning, we still are blazing out in front. As we sailed northerly up the coast from Coalshaft Bay this morning, around lunch time we had a free dolphin entertainment show you would pay good money to see. Even with the dolphins and birds feeding off the schools of fish nearby, Wazza still managed to pull nothing in off his line. With a current speed of approximately 5 knots, skipper John estimates early morning arrival. Don’t worry, us school kids have pulled enough all nighters throughout our schooling lives to make this journey through. Red watch out! (well after our shift at midnight).

REPORT BY: White Watch

Currently 3:31AM, the swell has decidedly increased since the start of our shift. Most were rather reluctant to exit their beds and brace the cold winds that are howling above. The fact that there is no cover from the wind makes it ten times worse. At a steady pace of 5-5.5 knots, we’re expecting to arrive, hopefully, around 8AM at Trial Bay.

There have been quite a few tacking manoeuvres that have been made through the course of the four hours to avoid collision with land (however, I think most would prefer that to another day at sea). With our increasingly long shift finally coming to an end, White Watch are more than prepared to nestle into the comfort of their beds.

Let us hope that by morning, we’ll be shouting “Land Ahoy!” There is only so much hot chocolate and biscuits can do before everyone’s craving steady land under their feet.



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