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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: General Public Voyage


FROM: Sydney TO: Brisbane

DATE: Day 2, 9 January 2017

POSITION: Off Newcastle, heading north

Report by: Sailing Master

The day started with promise. The crew exited their bunks come 5:00 am this morning, a sail raise on the run and we were ready to meet the challenge of the day. But once again the NE swell proved too much for some and they returned to the security of their bunk, many never to be seen again it seems.

For the hardy and those determined to get the better of the mal de mare, the day proved challenging. A long tack east, before finally turning north, towards our eventual destination for the day. Then a series of tacking manoevours, which would become the order of the day.

The afternoon saw an increase in wind speed necessitating a double reef in the main. More tacking as we hugged the coast in an effort to provide an easier ride.

At this moment in time 2100 hrs, it appears that our intended arrival time into Broughton Island will be sometime in the middle of the night.

REPORT by White Watch

Andrew was up at 4 AM this morning for the start of our shift. The rest of us rose at 5 AM. Getting dressed was chaotic but we managed to get up on the deck to raise the sails. As challenging as it was and as tired as everyone felt, we faced the challenge head on and proceeded to face the NE swell of the day. However, some were unable to overcome the swell and retreated to their bunks or the railings to defeat their sea sickness.

The day for the ones above proved challenging and by all means incredibly long. The sea stretched out for miles and the boat rocked shakily back and forth.

We passed the Central Coast as we slowly drifted further from shore. The beaches stretched on and the tacking was difficult, but well worth the rewards of a break that came afterwards.

Later in the afternoon, the wind’s speed picked up and the boat was edging closer towards a 90 degree angle. More tacking came as those not enveloped in sea sickness tried to hug the shoreline for a calm and easier sail.

As the night progresses, it seems that more tacking will eventually come. Currently 11:40PM, estimated arrival time approx. 1-1:30AM.


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