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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: General Public Voyage


FROM: Sydney TO: Brisbane

DATE: Day 1, 8 January 2017

POSITION: Refuge Bay

Report by: Sailing Master

Saturday 7th: In dribs and drabs they arrived, these new recruits, full of hope and expectations, time will tell whether or not expectations are fulfilled, excelled, or something else! An evening at the local hostelry allowed the crew to gauge each other’s potential and get acquainted.

Back on the boat, and the noise remained unabated.  Lights out was called for 10:00, it took some time for everyone to start pumping zzzs, which eventually were rudely interrupted by bugle call 06:30 hrs this morning.

Time spent tacking in Sydney Harbour got everyone up to speed, before heading out through the Heads to meet the dreaded “mal de mare”.

REPORT by Blue Watch:

Sunday 8th: Today was the day we sailed out of Sydney Harbour and headed towards the open ocean. The seas were very rough and many people got sea sick. The crew of south passage taught us the basics of sailing, how to read charts and tie knots, we learnt how to raise the sail and lower the sail. Everyone took turns with taking part in roles once on deck, like back stays on and off, steering the boat, tacking and one gybe.

Once we arrived at Refuge Bay everyone was excited to have a swim after a day of hard work.

The food we were served throughout the day was delicious.

FURTHER REPORT BY:  Sailing Master

Obviously we have a crew of few words.

Monday 9th and a 5:00 bugle call saw all ready to get under way. The time is 06:20 and we are just heading for Lion Island and then a rather torturous (maybe adventurous is better) voyage toward Broughton Island, 80 NM about 6 times the distance we travelled yesterday. How will we go? Stay tuned!

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