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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: The Hills Grammar School


FROM: Sydney TO: Sydney

DATE: Day 2, 20 December 2016

POSITION: Newcastle Harbour

Report by: White Watch

We woke up early at 0400 hours to do the anchor watch in Broken Bay. We saw the sun rise and then we all had to get up at 0600 when we were woken by Tom’s brilliant bugling.

Our first job of the day was to clean all the brass at the stern of the boat. For the rest of the day we were in charge of the foresail. People were assigned to the different halyards; the throat halyard and the peak halyard, and to the foresail sheet. To the secure the ropes, we learnt the figure of eight, double hitch and the reef knot.

We headed north along the coast, towards Newcastle Harbour, sailing against a high pressure system. The anti-clockwise winds meant that we needed to keep tacking to make sure that we kept making progress.

For lunch we had hamburgers made by the ship’s cook Hugh. When we weren’t on watch, most of us decided to make the most of our time off and have a nap. Most people barely got any sleep the night before and used this time to make up for it.

Even though the deck was littered with sleeping bodies, we still performed our watch effectively and kept everything (pretty much) under control.

Some people enjoyed the afternoon on the bowsprit, getting sprayed by the ocean and wiped out by the giant waves.

We anchored in Newcastle at 2000 hours and many of us were pleased that finally the boat had stopped rocking. We lowered the foresail and tied up the stay and jib sails at the front of the boat. We then recorded the bearings of three lights around the bay and the wind speed and direction. We’re looking forward to going to Broughton Island tomorrow!


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