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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Silver Youth Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20220926

FROM: Hervey Bay to Manly

DATE: 26 September 2022

POSITION: White Cliffs, Fraser Is

REPORT BY: White Watch

After a night of chatter and intros, a new morning had arrived. With the entrance of our fellow comrades, a new day had dawned, and our adventure had officially begun. We were briefed on the basics of the ship, and safety protocols. Following this, we mustered in our watches, heading to our allocated positions. Our watch delt with the mainsail, although the responsibility will shift in the coming days.

As we sailed over from Hervey Bay, a few of us were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a mother humpback whale with her calf, teaching it a few remarkable tricks in the safety of the harbour. A dugong briefly made an appearance, as did several dolphins. After lunch, the ship docked, and we travelled to the island via the wet, slimy, rickety dingy. Subsequently, our two hour trek up and down the treacherous mountaintops of Fraser Island began, where our pride, shoes and dignity were lost once and for all.

We continued to the resort for a quick dip in the frigid pool. Stalwartly, we ventured back to the ship, where we were met with delicious sizzling butter chicken hot off the stove via lovely Louise. The night concluded with singing, card games and book club, with high hopes for the following day.

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