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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Silver Youth Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20220920

FROM: Manly to Hervey Bay

DATE: 23 September 2022

POSITION: Coongul Pt, Fraser Is

REPORT BY: White Watch

We were awoken by a flourish of the bugle which set the tone for a beautiful day – thanks to Ely! As the sun rose over the penultimate day, we scrambled to the decks to manually raise the anchor. Lead by our fantastic bosuns and spurred on by sea shanties, the job was completed in less than an hour. Today was all about listening and working together as a team so that we are prepared for Command Day tomorrow. We practiced tacking, raising and lowering the sails along with the sea shanty.

Then after sailing for yonks we reached a beach. On that beach we played volleyball (barely) (Miles Teller is quaking), we walked/strutted along the sand and played mermaids (peep Flo and Riley). Then after returning to the ship, we jumped off it. Harper hit her foot on the boat (RIP) but Eliza got over her fear of the ocean by jumping with da man. We weren’t able to have a shower but that’s a-okay when you have your friends. We then sat on deck and ate dinner. It was stew and veggies. After this we are expecting to vote for command day, eat dessert and take bearings.

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