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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: St Gregory’s College


FROM: Sydney TO: Sydney

DATE: Day 1, 26 November 2016

POSITION: Flint & Steel Bay, Broken Bay

Report by: White Watch

To start the day, white watch woke up at 4 a.m. and sat out on the deck on anchor watch. After a while we began to polish the brass on various components of the ship. (Only half successfully, after about an hour the brass was tarnished again by the salt air). The next thing after this was for the whole crew to get up and have breakfast, which consisted of cereal and juice, followed by baked beans and scrambled eggs on toast.

When we’d finished breakfast all watches were “shown the ropes”, literally and figuratively. Alongside the basic functioning of the ship, we were taught an acronym used by the crew on the ship; ROPES (Respect, Opportunity, Participation, Enjoyment, Safety). After the tutorials we began to get the sheets ready to sail out of the bay (This is the point where we began to get seasick). Within two hours we were out quite a way from the shore, and we were heading up the coast on the way to the Hawkesbury River, and we were treated to the pleasant sounds of multiple students having a chunder over the side of the boat.

After we reached the river, we made our way to the point we’d chosen to drop anchor and let it go. We took down the sails and fixed the ship in place, then went in turns on the dinghy to the beach, where we spent about forty minutes mucking around, swimming, throwing stick spears into the bush and playing cricket with stumps made of driftwood.

Once we returned to the boat we spent some time playing cards and sleeping in the cabin while we waited for dinner consisting of chicken, rice, carrot, peas and gravy, and then a dessert of apple pie and citrus tart with custard, prepared by, the one and only, Hugh. -Samuel

Highlights of the day:

Kefty- “My highlight of the day was working the ropes and sails with all my mates.”

Rhys- “Watching the whole crew work together to make the boat function.”

Mitch- “Raising the sails and getting the boat moving made the whole experience seem a lot more real.”

Jordan- “I enjoyed steering the ship throughout the day and maintaining the course.”

Sam- “Waking up and going out on the deck to see the cliffs around the Hawkesbury River surrounding the boat was pretty awesome.”


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