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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: St Philips Christian College


FROM: Sydney TO: Port Stephens

DATE: Day 1, 19 November 2016

POSITION: Coasters Retreat, Pittwater

Report by: Blue Watch

Boarded ’South Passage’ at King St Warf at 9:15, settled in and had safety talk. We sailed under the harbour bridge then we made it out past the harbour without having to jibe or tack. We all worked together to raise the sails.

The boat was going up and down with the swell and most people got splashed. A few people (Emily, Ellie, Harry, Henry and Alex) went on to the net out the front. Great fun! However, the rest of the students were vomiting over the side of South Passage.

We had a great lunch prepared by Cath. We saw her amazing kitchen with a gimbled cooker. We also had an incident where Harry was walking, the boat swayed and Harry almost kissed Alex. Everyone in blue watch worked hard to jibe a few times and successfully, we have not done any tacks so far.

We made it to camping ground in Pittwater, the Basin (year 7 camp for St Philips Port Stephens). We had a BBQ dinner and a cold swim. For desert we had sticky date pudding with cream. YUMM!  Now everyone is fast asleep besides the people who are on watch. (Emily and Rose). (happy days)



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