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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Winmalee State High School


FROM: Sydney TO: Sydney

DATE: Day 1, 16 November 2016

POSITION: Refuge Bay

Report by: Blue Watch

We started the day at 5:45 when we caught a train from Springwood station to Central station. From there we had a quick breakfast at Town Hall and made our way to Darling Harbour to board the ship. As the ship made its way from the dock, we were sorted into our watches and given a run-down on safety procedures such as emergency exits and man over-board processes.

The action then started as we were thrown into hauling the main sails up and sailing under the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and past the Opera House. Making our way through the heads and out into open water, the seas became choppier as we learned ships handling such as tacking and gybing and put these new found skills into practice. Some of these practices proved quite tricky, and some a bit fast paced, but the crew were very helpful and informative, always ready to lend a hand should you struggle.

We rotated though more watches, using our breaks to observe the scenery and the nature of sailing, as well as novelties such as climbing the bow sprit and watching a pod of dolphins. Tacking and gybing took us through our paces finally bringing us to our destination. As night closed in, the ship anchored in Refuge Bay.

Before kicking back we had to prove ourselves through an old fashioned knot tying competition after frantically practicing on breaks. Then we were able to relax aboard the ship, as well as enjoying a delicious meal. Some students participated in fishing with the left-overs. Some were more successful than others.

Overall, day one proved to be enticing and very informative. While we were definitely ready for bed, everyone is keen to see what day two brings. Mikayla and Ellie

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