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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Somerset College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20220904

FROM: Hervey Bay to Manly

DATE: 5 September 2022

POSITION: Kingfisher, Fraser Is

REPORT BY: Red Watch

It was 6am. Our hearts were beating. Where are we? A quick look around gave us the vague impression that we were amongst multiple sleeping slugs in wooden bunks. A closer look made us realise that those slugs were our human companions on the South Passage voyage. We were, in fact, on sailing camp.

First breakfast. Cereal. The only thing on our minds was food. There was a knotting competition this morning that we nailed (mostly thanks to Ms Lee trying to relive her high school memories). Second breakfast. Scrambled eggs and baked beans on toast.

We began preparing the ship for the long day’s journey ahead. As we were delegated our tasks, we quickly learnt this was no time to muck around.  From the time we began our shift to the end it felt like we had done over a thousand tacking movements, blisters to show.

We eventually made it to Fraser Island after the most languid, exhausting and challenging day of our lives. It started to rain and the boys left the girls stranded.

After an amazing dinner of sausages and mash, the fight for hot water in the showers, we all relaxed and talked together to wind down.

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