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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: St Philips Christian College


FROM: Port Stephens  TO: Sydney

DATE: Day 2, 13 November 2016

POSITION: Coasters Retreat, Pittwater

Report by: White Watch

The first half of the day was filled many exciting views of the oceans wildlife. Dolphins swimming with the boat, a seal waving good bye as we left Newcastle harbour was a pleasant surprise and a whale playfully breaching the surface to create a wonderful spectacle.

The second half of the day a strong westerly wind broke the silence for the day. As the wind blew stronger the crew all banded together in order to bring the sails down and keep the ship floating. The experience of having a sailing on a different angle to usual brought some trouble to some as coping was not the easiest. A refreshing swim in the cool water in Broken Bay allowed relaxing and recovering from the journey just experienced. With a lovely feast to end the day.


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