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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Discovery Christian College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20220829

FROM: Roslyn Bay to Bundaberg

DATE: 31 August 2022

POSITION: Lady Musgrave Is

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

Today we woke up to a nice and early start at 12:30am, where we learnt new knots and took observations of our location at Pancake Creek. At Hungry Hugh’s, we were served bacon and eggs. We prepared the sails for a long journey to Lady Musgrave Island.

During the journey, blue watch was mustered twice. We saw a pod of dolphins which came up to swim beside the boat. There was a flock of birds and yet another pod of dolphins. For lunch, Hugh made spag bowl which was delightful.

We finally reached Lady Musgrave Island where we snorkelled and explored the island. We saw sea slugs, starfish, seahorses, and an abundance of different types of fish. After everyone returned from the island, we did a knot-tying competition.

We watched the sunset and spent the rest of the afternoon in the coach cabin, making funny impressions of each other. For dinner we had Chinese stir fry with rice, which once again was fabulous. For dessert, we had cheesecake. Soon we’re all heading to bed because we’ve got a 4 o’clock start. Chloe & Hannah


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