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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: St Philips Christian College


FROM: Port Stephens  TO: Sydney

DATE: Day 1, 12 November 2016

POSITION: Stockton Reach, Newcastle Harbour

Report by: Blue Watch

We started off the day by putting up the sails and getting to know all the equipment and our watch leaders, we then left the harbour. After leaving the safety of the port we endured a few swells whilst eating lunch which was followed by one member of our group vomiting. At some points on our journey the boat was almost completely on its side while we were following Stockton Beach, a definite highlight of the day.

Our watch started in this patch of wind which made it a challenge and restricted most of our activities to one side of the ship. After our watch ended, Ewan and I went down to where we are sleeping  and waited to make our way into Newcastle harbour. Upon reaching the harbour we lowered the sails and then had dinner and desert with the same person who vomited dropping his empty bowl down the stairs. After this we washed up and then reflected on our day with Mrs Ison.

To sum up our day was a fairly eventful first day and many of us look forward to tomorrow. Ewan and Daniel


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