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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: St Philips Christian College


FROM: Sydney  TO: Port Stephens

DATE: Day 2, 10 November 2016

POSITION: Fingal Bay

Report by: White Watch

With a breezy 4am Start, the watch groups gathered on the deck to begin their duties for the day. Starting off slow we set off on the beginning of our journey to Fingal Bay. After our Breakfast was served, the sails were hoisted and we were on our way. A short time into the trip we were greeted by a pod of dolphins who squeaked hello as we glided by, followed shortly after jellyfish were sighted on Starboard side of the ship. One by one the watch groups filed into the galley for their warm breakfast of bacon and eggs. With each watch group covering their shifts, each passenger on board the South Passage had the opportunity to sail the 30 metre, Gaff rigged Schooner. We had the chance to have the guidance of Peter, the skipper, and his helpful team of watch leaders.

After sailing for a while, the first knot tying competition began. Seals then spotted meters from our boat waving their flippers in our direction, another happy hello from the aquatic wildlife. Mexican Food for lunch was next on the menu during our journey. Yet again a large pod of dolphins playfully swam beside our ship as we headed towards our destination. But that wasn’t the last of the wildlife that we saw. With sightings of a whale which was waving its tail, as we were minutes away from our final destination.

The long wait was over at last. 10 hours of sailing later, the South Passage ship pulled into Fingal Bay. Excited students rushed to the sides of the boat to take in the beautiful views that surrounded us at our destination. The perfect weather created many fun times during today’s travels but the favourite part of the day was the jumping off the side of the sailing ship and swimming in the gorgeous water as we watched the sun go down then later enjoying dinner. This trip has let us meet new people and realise responsibilities that were to be shown. This was the best trip ever!

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