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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: TS Nepean Navy Cadets


FROM: Sydney  TO: Sydney

DATE: Day 1, 29 October 2016

POSITION: Refuge Bay, Broken Bay

Report by: White Watch

After being awoken at 0400, half our watch went and assisted out Watch Leader in noting important values such as location, current depth, and temperature. Following this we did some quick tasks regarding parts of the ship and then passed the watch to the other half, who performed the same duties.

Cereal was available from 0645 and a hot breakfast was served at 0730, all the food was great and there was plenty to go around. We had a safety briefing explaining the evacuation procedures in case of emergency, we then were shown how the rigging for the sails is done, and had our roles explained. We were working the Jib and Foresail, the two sails at the bow of the South Passage. We raised the anchor and took off out of the Harbour, and had free time until our watch began again at midday.

Our Watch Bosun coordinated our roles and rotation from lookout to helmsman. Following lunch, we had arrived at our stop in Broken Bay for the evening and, after a flurry of sails dropping and ropes being tied off, we went to shore and relaxed by the shore, enjoying the company of our friends. We all had showers and proceeded to the knot tying relay, a race for who gets breakfast first the next day. After dinner and cleaning up, we had some more time to tidy our bunks, clean ourselves and relax till lights out.

After lights out, White watch was again separated into two groups as we were on watch from 2000-2400, the first half monitoring 2000-2100, the second 2100-2200, with out Watch Leader taking watch for the remainder of our watch.

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