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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Lorien Novalis


FROM: Sydney TO: Sydney

DATE: 22 Nov 2017

POSITION: Newcastle Harbour

Report by: Red Watch

It began as a black cloud, just like the plague, they drew closer when suddenly we realised that we were being attacked by moths by the thousands. We were forced to batten down the hatches and prepared for the assault. They flooded through the cracks and took over everything, we were defenceless. We went on a massive rampage of destruction killing as many as we could but more seemed to appear every time. Every time we took one down three more took its place.

At daybreak they all fled as if they were summoned by some sentient being, leaving their injured and fallen soldiers spread across the battlefield. Red watch rose before any other and began to polish the brass helm with pride, knowing that they had defeated the possessed moths that had just tried to invade the ship.

We then took an early departure and set sail for Newcastle, not knowing what terrors had yet to come. Before we knew it we felt a bashing on the hull. We looked down to see the massive jaws of not one, but three monstrous whales. We sheeted the sails in tight and sped towards the horizon. Only to be encountered by over a dozen dolphins, which tried to turn us off course. To symbolise our victory we tied knots in the faces of the dolphins. It was a fierce competition between Red and Blue with White trailing close behind. Red watch pulled ahead during the figure eight, but really showed dominance with the bowline, drawing a line in the sand and making their lead clear, crystal clear.

Alex slept, cooking in the sun, during the gourmet feast of spaghetti bolognaise, waking to find herself looking like a cross between a tomato and a red and white striped lollypop. Aiden was our bosun of the day taking charge of the watch in a frustratingly slow and meandering pace. But still we excelled on our journey to Newcastle and arrived in record time. Being the first and fastest time we ever made, sailing from Broken Bay to Newcastle.

Soon after we dropped anchor, we went ashore to claim the land that was rightfully ours. To only later find that it had been claimed long ago, by some person named Cook. It is now almost midnight and Red watch is still awake keeping a keen eye over the safety of the vessel.

Love from Red watch x, Aiden

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