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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: St Philip’s Christian College


FROM: Coffs Harbour  TO: Port Stephens

DATE: Day 2, 17 October 2016

POSITION: Wanda Beach, Port Stephens

Report by: White Watch

This morning, white watch had the shift of 4am to 8am (0400- 0800). The boat was very rocky and almost everyone was sick, the previous day the bow was dipping into the water whilst Ellen, Trinity, Abbey and Claire were on the bow sprit, almost submerged by water. The seas became too rough so we all were required to wear life jackets for the worst case scenario.

Later that evening we were required to sail through the night so we could lie comfortably instead of sailing through the storm. The sails gybed over 5 times causing the boat to sway and heel to the other side (making everyone slide in and almost out their beds.) Due to the rocking the concept of time was lost, We rested at 8:30pm and thinking we had an hour for our shift at 4am we were told that it was only 10pm. After some time we finally managed to get a few winks of sleep.

At 4am we woke up and relieved Red watch who were soaking wet and happy to leave their posts. We all sat at the stern of the boat as it was too rocky to sit closer to the front. We all ended up using the safety lanyards to clip ourselves to the boat just in case something happened. Around 5:30 the sun awoke from its slumber giving as all a majestic view, the sun behind the clouds looked like the opening scene for the lion king. After what felt like many, many days our watch was relieved by blue watch as we approached the heads of Port Stephens and smooth water.

A bit past breakfast, after anchoring at Wanda Beach, we had the opportunity to jump off the side of the boat, we all quickly jumped into our swimmers and queued in the line ready to jump. Once everyone was done swimming in the freezing water we all played a giant game of card games. We played many games including: cheat, mafia, uno, spoons, black jack and special ‘professional’ magic tricks by Finlay Barnett and Josh Bartlett. Some actually amazing and some not so much.

As year 10 students, we grew a strong bond with the fellow crew from year 8, completely changing our perspective of younger years. Most of the crew only having had 2-5 hours sleep either today or the whole entire trip, this may be due to the constant rocking and rolling or just feeling like absolute rubbish, like George, who could not do most of his shift as he was constantly head over board throwing up that day’s breakfast. When he eventually woke up he realised he had vomit down his leg but overall the food has been delectable, the experiences has been magical and the people have been wonderful.

Through the amazing highlights there has been some inspirational, horrifying lowlights… but that’s another story.

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