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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: General Public Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20220816

FROM: Townsville to Mackay

DATE: 19 August 2022

POSITION: Windy Bay, Haslewood Is

REPORT BY: White Watch

The day started with a hearty breakfast of porridge, followed by eggs and bacon, while moored at Butterfly Bay.

It was a short one hour trip to Tongue Bay on Whitsunday Island, which saw the crew first hoist all sails, followed promptly by lowering them upon approaching the anchorage. We were lucky to see more whale activity, this time a whale holding its tail out of the water for some time.

Everyone piled into the tender to be ferried ashore.  The trail from the beach led up to Hill Inlet Lookout, which provided a magnificent view over the northern beach and inlet.  Sting Rays were spotted from the lookout.

After a couple of hours, we re-joined the ship, and set sail for Whitehaven Beach.  The white sands and turquoise water made for a beautiful site as we anchored off the beach.  Again, everyone was ferried ashore to spend 3 hours to either walk up to the lookouts or simply enjoy the cool, clear waters. After such an active day, imagine the happy crew enjoying the fruit cake and tea laid on by our fabulous cook Louise.

Before dinner was served, the entire crew was set a challenge.  Each watch was to create the best fancy dress costume they could out of a few sheets of newspaper.  No glue, Sellotape or paper clips were allowed!  The winning watch were promised a special prize.  Speculation was rife – a trip to Bali perhaps?

Dinner was cleared, washing up done and the Watches started their creative work with the newspapers. At time of writing, the competition is due to be held at 8pm, and the winners to be announced in our next blog. Paul and Richard

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