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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Trinity Anglican School

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20220711

FROM: Cairns to Townsville

DATE: 14 July 2022

POSITION: Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Is

REPORT BY: White Watch

This morning we woke up at 6am and sang Happy Birthday to Crawford. Afterwards we had a first breakfast of cereal, and we went upstairs to prepare to leave Hinchinbrook channel. We decided we would change our course because of rough weather. After our second breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast, we raised the sails and set off. We then did a morning knotting competition of the clove hitch with we won in less than 50 seconds.

We passed Lucinda, which has the largest jetty in the southern hemisphere. Some of us began to feel seasick and Mackenzie threw up at least 15 times. We started our watch at 10 and we continued the usual rotations. We used the map to measure our course. After our watch ended at 12, we had lunch of burritos which was delicious.

After lunch, at 2, we went into the cabins and did a navigation briefing while half the watch was asleep. Then we filled in different points on the booklet and charted islands. Some of us slept and some of us stayed on the bowsprit. We then had to do two timed tacks. The first one was around 6 minutes, and the second tack was around 4 minutes. We then did a second knotting competition of the single sheet bend, which we came second in. However, our groups rope was the only one that stayed together when pulled. Then afterwards we were called to a yummy dinner of steak, potatoes, peas and pumpkin.

At 6 we went on watch, and we started nearing Magnetic Island. We all had to drop the sails, our group was on the mainsail. Once this was done, we went downstairs for Crawford’s birthday cake and we celebrated. Then we did a vote for who would run the ship tomorrow. Our Captain is Jack, our sailing master is Georgia, and our navigator is Albert. Our watch leader is Frances also. Then we wrote the log and went to bed.

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