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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Churchie Year 10 Group 1

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20211122

FROM: Manly to Manly

DATE: 23 November 2021

POSITION: Big Sandhills, Moreton Is

REPORT BY: White Watch

8 White men took on the 7 seas, the elements where BRUTAL to say the least, some might say horrendous regardless we set out on our journey with one mission, to explore the Moreton Bay region, and take down the OPPS, the North Passage. We started the day by rubbing some brass an early 4-8am watch. A big breakfast was served by Cath, some eggs and beans, a good feed.

Now to business, we arose the headsails shaft and took the reins onto a journey to go swimming. As the bugle sounded, the boys were as ready as ever. We went swimming, OCO the Engineer hit a crazy front superman flip backed up by the holy Baywatch 360 dive by Joe. Let’s just say it was awesome. Some might say legend- wait for it- dary. The weather took a turn for the worse, it got as wet as SeaWorld. The White crew strategically hid upon the cabins, for safety reasons of course, however Blue group (mega stinkers) battled the treacherous seas, we could have done the same but weren’t in the mood.

As the weather deteriorated on the deck, the hopes of Whites went down tremendously, but that didn’t stop White’s might and power/dominance. Expertly lead by our brilliant commander Stefan the lads took on the deck *gulp* and felt like Kanye West with all that power, yanking on halyards like no tomorrow *gulp again*. As said by Tuco, our craft was tight, tight, tight sround the pin, some would say. Finally, in conclusion, in summary, the boysie boys collected the W *Third and Final Gulp*.

Signing Off,

Jibreel and Mason

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