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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Churchie Bronze D of E

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20211105

FROM: Manly to Manly

DATE: 5 November 2021

POSITION: Big Sandhills, Moreton Is

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

The day began with a bus trip from Churchie to Manly, arriving at the ship, the South Passage, at Manly wharf around 12.30. The boys then got sorted into their watch groups (blue, red, and white) and were introduced to their allocated watch leaders. They were introduced to the crew members, including the skipper, sailing master and the ship. Boys then had their lunch on deck while motoring out of the marina. They then sorted out their luggage into their compartments and got ready to sail.

As they got further out to sea, they raised the sail as different groups were allocated to different sails to be raised. During this time, the boys were then given different responsibilities such as belaying the rope, pulling the sail up; all the while learning about the different parts of the ship.

As we arrived at Tangalooma, we anchored the ship and were given a break, where we were able to explore the ship more, and accessed the bowsprit, where they were able to sit in a net, overlooking the glistening water. After this, the boys were introduced to different techniques on how to tie a rope efficiently while sailing.

Soon after, a knot competition was held, where the group with the shortest time to tie the knots correctly won. This involved the round turn and two half hitches. Shortly after, scrumptious chicken and rice was served to the boys with vegetables and gravy. After this, the boys were involved in several games and activities where they then started to settle down and eventually go to bed. However, many of the boys then had to get up from a range of times throughout the night to perform their nightly watches on the ship. Nathaniel, Beau, Angus

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