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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: TS Magnus Cadets/Churchie

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20211022

FROM: Manly to Manly

DATE: 23 October 2021

POSITION: Tangalooma

REPORT BY: White Watch

Today was another challenging but enjoyable day aboard the South Passage. With watch rotations continuing, all voyagers were given an opportunity to steer the vessel from the helm, under the supervision of the skipper and sailing master.

Fairly strong winds caused the boat to heel quite steeply, making tacking quite difficult, however we pulled together and made it happen, eventually anchoring off the Tangalooma wrecks around 15:30 today. Having an experience sailing in challenging conditions was something that put many of the voyagers outside of their comfort zone, but overall, the challenge was enjoyed, and an exciting change from the calmer sailing yesterday.

We concluded the day with climbing up and running back down the giant Moreton Island sand dunes, snorkelling at the Tangalooma wrecks, and jumping off the side of the South Passage.

Although all voyagers are aboard South Passage for different reasons (Duke of Edinburgh, for the adventure, etc.), are different ages, and are from many different backgrounds, everyone has got to know each other well and we are all able to work together successfully and efficiently. White watch have been consistently strong in inter-watch competitions (such as knots, backstay competitions, etc.), and our final day of the voyage will be no exception! Looking forward to another great day under sail!

My watch includes Ben, Ryan, Nick, Will, Ella, John, Astor, Oscar, and we are led by our watch leader, Dave!

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