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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: St Josephs College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180416

FROM: Manly TO: Manly

DATE: 17 April 2018

POSITION: Myora, North Straddie

REPORT BY: White Watch

Lachlan, Alex and I, Ethan, started our day at 4 in the morning for our shift on anchor watch. We found the bearings we set at the middle of the night to see if we have drifted. Afterwards we went back to sleep for an hour, to be woken up again at 6. Getting up the first time was easier for all of us. As the morning went on we finished our anchor shift duties, and went for our cold breakfast, cereal. After our cold breakfast we had a knot tying contest in which we came out on top, after the contest hot breakfast was served.

We got changed into our togs and hopped onto the dingy to go to shore for a swim. While the second group was snorkelling we climbed up a massive sand dune and ran down it, then Matt ate sand on the way down. Then we snorkelled around a shipwreck, after we caught the dingy back onto the ship we sailed out past the reef and around zig zagging our way to North Stradbroke. Along the way we experienced large waves where the water splashed onto us. We watched the sunset, after a short trip we had to pack down the sails as there was so much wind there was a risk of damaging them.

We dropped anchor at North Stradbroke after dark before we had dinner and nominations for tomorrow’s leadership sail day. We talked for a short period after the nominations. While the three of us Lachlan Alex and I, Ethan wrote this log when we were all tired so after this sentence we went to bed.



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