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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Silver Youth Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20210926

FROM: Hervey Bay to Manly

DATE: 29 September 2021

POSITION: Tangalooma

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

After an early 6:00am start, we prepared the sails, hoisted the anchor and started the voyage to Tangalooma. The seas were really rough causing many people to skip Cath’s delicious breakfast and just eat dry biscuits. Several people vomited throughout the course of today and many others felt very seasick due to the rough water. Many sleeping bags were brought up onto the deck to provide warmth while the majority of people had a nap. During the journey, many dolphins and whales were spotted allowing several photo opportunities.

As we arrived at Tangalooma we lowered the sails and anchored in by 6pm which was quite a bit earlier than the skipper had anticipated. Throughout the day, many people, tall and short, hit their heads off of various doorways, stair covers (Jamie) and bunk beds. For dinner we ate beef stew and mashed potato. After that a vote was conducted for command day which was won by Keagan (skipper), Alex (Sailing Master) and Esther (Navigator).

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