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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Ormiston College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20210917

FROM: Manly to Manly

DATE: 19 September 2021


REPORT BY: Red Watch

The team had an early 4am start to polish the ships brass. As we polished they had a view of the “Young Endeavour”, to which we would show off our sail hoisting ability later. Once the brass was polished, we went on to wake the rest of the crew with the sweet sound of the Bugle. Annoyed, but awake, the crew went on to eat a breakfast of cereal, hash browns, toast, porridge and spaghetti, quite the interesting combination.

The crew continued to show off their sail hoisting ability to the fellow ship, distracted, we did not realize there was no wind to fill them. We sailed on with the help of the engine towards Moreton Island, where we would anchor to swim and wait for the wind to pick up. Alas, the wind would not show for the rest of the day.

We ventured further on to Peel Island where we would take the dinghy out to the beach. Upon the land we played soccer, touch and threw a scavenged Frisbee around. On returning to our ship, there was the evening knotting competition, where the red watch were victorious for the bowline competition. There were other knots, but they are irrelevant, as we did not win.

Following the competition, we had a delicious dinner of rice, chicken and vegetables. Soon, it was time to vote on who would be in charge of the ship for Command Day. For the skipper the group chose Zali, the position of sail master was awarded to Michael, and then a duo of navigators, Eve and Riley, were selected. Tomorrow we hope for a little more wind, but our prayers may be answered with a bit too much enthusiasm, as there has been a strong wind warning.

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