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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Emerald Christian College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20210825

FROM: Mackay to Rosslyn Bay

DATE: 25 August 2021

POSITION: Scawfell Is

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

Waking up at 6:30am was a very difficult task for many of us. Multiple of the students struggled to get up out of bed after the long drive the day before. The wonderful smell of eggs, baked beans and toast drifted throughout the Galley. After breakfast we were all introduced to our new life during the next 7 days on this ship. By 9:30am, with each of our Watches, we focused on different parts of the ship to start to get it up and running for our first sail.

All of the Watches on the ship working in harmony, grabbing ropes and learning new words that were a whole foreign language to us. While getting sprayed by water and falling over again and again, we rigged the sails up and left the pier. Our journey had begun! As we left the rocky outer edges of the breakwater, the water began to pick up into a much choppier state than what it was back before in the Harbour. The ship bounced side to side, making everyone slide as we tried to complete our final changes to the ropes and sails. Once we had all finished up, the ship was ready to venture out to the first island. People huddled to the sides of the ship where they could see the beautiful endless ocean. Then our best friend Sea Sickness came to meet us all, and shattered any of our dreams that this would’ve been a peaceful and calming trip. This continued for an extra 2 hours more while everyone was becoming tired of just hurling up their newly eaten breakfast. Finally after that long period they could finally see the stunning island that they would be visiting and staying there for the night.

Once we had reached the shelter anchorage for the island we finally could rest and stop being sea sick. The water had calmed and the boat had finished swaying terribly much. We laid down the anchor and went to the Gallery for our lunch. The food was amazing! After lunch the students had an anonymise decision for what we would do for the next few hours. Everyone decided we all wanted to go to the beach and have fun running around on dry land for a bit. Since we were so far out we used a tender vessel to transport everyone 5 at a time. Everyone enjoyed running around on the beach and making sand castles and enjoying a nice swim. Around 4:00pm we went back to the boat and got ready for dinner.   Joshua

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