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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: The Cathedral School Group D

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20210803

FROM: Townsville to Townsville

DATE: 8 August 2021

POSITION: Orpheus Is

REPORT BY: Red Watch

Today we got up at 4am, to check bearings and wind strength and direction. Jess, Mia and lani started their watch at 5am which they did a log book. At 6am the whole red watch polished the brass, and then at 6:30am Mia the best person woke everyone up with the bugle.

After breakfast everyone brought the sails up, many people vomited of sea sickness. After lunch we anchored the ship at Esk Island for a swim/jump off the ship and a walk on the beach. Dinner tasted amazing and it was the red 3s turn to wash up the dishes tonight. Red watch is on watch between 8pm and 12am today and we are taking hourly shifts in pairs. Goodnight. Jess and Mia

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