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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: General Public Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180402

FROM: Gladstone TO: Brisbane

DATE: 10 April 2018

POSITION: Manly Boat Harbour

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

To begin this final saga, the crew awaited eagerly for the change of tides to safely cross the Wide Bay bar. Our anticipation was brought to an anti-climax, as the seas were tolerable and even calming compared to previous days. Our spirits were slowly drained, as hoisting all sails took near an hour and with the short crew, an immense amount of effort. The crew dreaded the new schedule, due to the longer shifts and shorter time to rest.

As the sun set, the stars beautifully scattered the southern sky, almost guiding the ship on the final leg of the journey. The crew engaged in their shift work but with the breathtaking sky to admire, were almost grateful. As the night continued and the time left on the ship dropped, so did the temperature, the clear sky no longer looked inviting but merely cold and exhausting.

With the wind on our side (due to the supernatural powers of Skipper John), the vessel made good time and glided into Moreton Bay on the break of dawn. The sunrise warmed our previously frozen… everything, and highlighted our destination on the horizon. After a final 2, 6 heave; the crew finished the extended voyage, mooring the boat with bitter-sweet emotions.

Being eager to embrace our beds at home but also extinguishing our adventurous spirit, a hollow feeling and longing for the spirit that the crew and voyage brought remained. The memories the crew created were cemented in time and in our hearts, surely to be remembered and cherished by all. We looked back at the vessel and walked our own ways; pondering if the threads of fate will bring us together again for another adventure.


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