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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: General Public Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180402

FROM: Gladstone TO: Brisbane

DATE: 6 April 2018

POSITION: Port Bundaberg Marina

REPORT BY: White Watch

White Watch cemented their top position, with another flawless performance in the ongoing knot tying competition, claiming yet another victory setting the not so youthful blue watch even further behind. Since minor repairs to the ship were required, a trip into town was organised. After a short bus trip to civilisation, the crew dispersed among the common land folk (Bagarians) to pass the time while Damon ‘Skipper’ Frost led the quest to make repairs. Our souls commanded us to visit the Mon Repos Turtle Conservation Centre and therefore we embarked on the treacherous journey through the unknown wilderness, only to be overcome with instant limitless regret when we realised that there were no turtles to be found. Our spirits were rekindled by the lunch supplied by the fantastically fabulous Fiona Fuller.

The group dispersed and our adventurous spirits guided us towards mystical yet dodgy Bali and Asian Imports Shop and the wonderful land of Vinnies. In the deepest depths of the assorted basket, the elegantly excellent Elise Elkington extracted the priceless gem that was a pack of assorted yarn. The bonds of our friendship were cemented through these threads of fate.

We made our way back to the vessel where we commenced the creation of our friendship anklets using the priceless yarn. Through our new ankle ornaments, our spirits were eternally intertwined in an unbreakable bond of friendship.

The crews musical prowess shone through in the on board concert organised by Rosy Newburn. The standout act of the night was Phill’s phantastic perphormance on the harmonica. The night was drawn to an end by the majestical Banango group singing the Pirate Song.

A great day was concluded with the crew unwinding at the marina. A pirate’s life for me. Banango

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