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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Youth Gold D of E Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20210628

FROM: Cairns to Townsville

DATE: 30 June 2021

POSITION:  Mourilyan Harbour

REPORT BY: Red Watch

“Wet, wet, wet” (Hugh Crichton, 2021). The day started later than expected, picking up a new crew member due to illness. Tony, an ex-army sergeant would continue the rest of the trip. He came aboard the boat and whipped the struggling blue team into action. Before sailing commenced; the daily knot competition was hosted, taken out by red team to go back in the overall standings lead.

Sailing started at 0900 hours, with winds in the 15-20 knot range. Sailing was calm at first but later turned into torrential rain fall. Due to the strong gusts of wind, there were constant waves that rolled the boat and subsequently made many crew mates succumb to the horrible illness of seasickness. Although faced with some difficulties, the crew members managed to complete their duties and became more confident in sailing. For the first time, all watches sailed in the dark, through a pitch black canyon. The rain hit us hard, destroying all visibility in seconds. Red team lead the ship to safety, with fearless leadership and unfailing courage. After sailing through the canyon the sails were dropped and the boat anchored.

The mixture of the harsh, cold wind and the pouring rain caused the best two members of the awesome and magnificent red watch to take part in the shivering action which was knot cool. Due to the torrential down pour the clothes line was full which was also not kool. Like the great man once said “OH MY GOODNESS ME” *British accent*

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