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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Mareeba State High School

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20210619

FROM: Cairns to Cairns

DATE: 20 June 2021


REPORT BY: White Watch

We are separated into three main watches/groups blue, red, and white. This gives us, the students, the opportunity to create stronger bonds with people that we don’t usually hang out with. This brings out the competitiveness in ourselves to beat our friends from other groups, and in doing so makes us want to learn about sailing even more. This brings out all of our inner sailing potential. This opportunity would be amazing for work experience if you wanted to become a sailor or something similar.

This voyage also allows us to disconnect from technology and shows us that there is more to life than being on our phones. I particularly enjoyed tacking because it gave me a sense of urgency to get the job done otherwise we would have not sailed properly. Tacking also inspired teamwork and competitiveness within our group and the others, it is hands on and your always thinking about what you need to do next however, all these things can be found within most of the activities on South Passage but I feel as though tacking brings these elements out the most.

There is also just the right amount of work needed to be put into making it so it’s not extremely hard but not boring, which also helps you get to bed easily. Since each group has their own watch leader it brings a bond between pupil and teacher so to speak.

On the voyage we will learn many skills such as tying knots, cooperation, collaboration, sailing (obviously), leadership and most importantly work ethic. The ship also feels like a second home with plenty of fruit and snacks to eat throughout the day along with plenty of home cooked meals and the lovely crew. This ship can also make you very exhausted mentally and physically while pushing us to our limits.

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