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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: General Public Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20210601

FROM: Airlie Beach to Townsville

DATE: 3 June 2021

POSITION:  Gloucester Passage near Bowen

REPORT BY: Red Watch

Our Watch commenced at 0400 hours, through to 0800.  All on Watch at 0600, when Michael learned what Brasso is, as we polished and shined the surfaces on South Passage, primarily around the Helm. All those asleep learnt what sound a bugle makes, as Ferg blew his finely polished piece to wake the still snoring remainder of the crew.  There seemed to be a competition going on between the snorers and the bugle, and the bugle won.

Cold breakfast includes hot porridge, go figure. You may be sick of reading this, as again Red (us, yes us) we won yet another Knot Competition on deck, this time the Bowline.  Watch Leader Phil has been great at training us, with his capable assistant, Livinia Nixon (Stefan).  All hands on deck, sails were raised as we headed to Gloucester Island.  Wind was light, so we motor sailed today.  Michael’s childhood delight, tinned spag and hash browns were served up, thanks Cath.  Sonia got to hang out on the Bow Sprit wishing it would be lowered like a boom net.

Back on Watch from 1200 hours, our destination changed so we could have shore time on Cape Gloucester with Michael steering us capably to the yellow buoy.  The treacherous 😉 ride in the dinghy (meaning some people got drops of water on them) started with 6 per ride but was reduced to 5 for WH&S reasons (people don’t like getting wet)  Hallelujah, fun time on the island, the whole crew getting together hanging out and relaxing.  The vibe was great, lots of laughs, watching people who arrived on yachts walking backwards down the staircase on the mainland.

On the ride back to South Passage, several of us were treated to watching some of the crew playing shark bait, jumping into the water and expecting us to rate them as if it was the Olympics.  Sorry guys, go to Japan next month and we would consider it.  Nek minit, one of the other crew members caught an actual shark…..  Hmmm….

We, the Red Team, deciding it was getting lonely at the top, the pinnacle, the roof of the world…you get where I’m going – we decided to let another team have a ‘win’ at the Knot Tying Comp.  Oh the things we do, the pain we accept to make others feel good. 

Five star dining, steak for most, falafel for 2 of us, was exemplary but then it got better again, cheesecake.  While we write this report, we hear the delightful sounds of people who only met just 3 nights ago, chatting, playing cards, talking about their families and lives, laughter, happiness – comradery.  Tonight is clear, the stars are bright, Susan especially loved lying on the deck gazing above her, just loving this day.  Night watch continues to 2359 where we hand over for another great day.

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