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South Passage Daily Report

VOYAGE:                     General Public Voyage Hervey Bay to Rosslyn Bay

VOYAGE NO:               20210517

DATE:                          19 May 2021

POSITION:                   Hummocky Island

 REPORT BY:                  Red Watch

Early Monday we departed Hervey Bay for a straight run to Lady Musgrave Island. We used a combination of sail and power and the seas were calm all the way. We arrived at Lady Musgrave Island at 1am Tuesday, which meant the excitement and challenge of lowering the sails in the dark……..especially exciting for the first time voyagers. After a well-deserved sleep at a sheltered anchorage just outside the lagoon entrance, we were then impressed at the Skipper’s skill at entering the lagoon through the narrow passage which was blown clear of reef during WW2 to provide safe anchorage for Naval vessels.

Once anchored in the lagoon we were given the option of going ashore. Those who took up the option, experienced a wet ride in the tender which was more than made up by the natural beauty of the island and the resident bird life. No fewer than 15 different species were spotted and photographed whilst walking the islands shore, including a lone majestic sea eagle and the stunning blues of the sacred kingfisher.

We departed Lady Musgrave before noon into rapidly increasing seas. And the excitement began…..especially for those on their helm rotation. With a two to three metre following swell, combined with 20 to 25 knot south easterlies, the learning curve was as steep as the swells.

Our destination, Pancake Creek. A sheltered haven from the challenging conditions.

We arrived in time for a beautiful and delicious meal from our cook, Cath, and the promise of a well-earned sleep. Of course, breakfast at Pancake Creek was…….pancakes, with a smorgasbord of sweet, energy filled toppings. A perfect preparation for the upcoming adventure trail to Bustard Head Lighthouse.

 Ten intrepid crew members set off for the 5.2 kilometre round trip over the ridge towards the lighthouse keeper’s residence. We were treated to an extensive guided tour of the light house itself, the museum, a display of the history of the lighthouse and the brave people who have manned it since the 1800’s. And what a poignant history it turned out to be.

Of course we returned to South Passage a little later than planned as there was so much of interest to see and hear about.

Midday we departed the safe haven of Pancake Creek to head to Hummocky Island, just north of Cape Capricorn. The experience gained from the previous day’s sailing was certainly needed on this leg of our voyage. Let’s just say……most of us were very happy to have Skipper Peter at our side for guidance and a strong arm when needed for a heavy helm.

What will tomorrow bring? Hummocky Island looks nothing like we expected. Rising out of the dark with steep cliffs and we think we sited a sandy beach to land on for an expedition ashore. Tomorrow will tell!!!

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