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South Passage Daily Report


VOYAGE:                     Silkwood #3

VOYAGE NO:               20210503

DATE:                          05 May 2021

POSITION:                   Blakesleys, Stradbroke Island

REPORT BY:                  Sofia (White watch)

After dinner we set sail heading around the Peak of Moreton Island down the Coast. We raised the sails and prepared to sail to Southport. When we first left the conditions were calm and slightly overcast up until midnight. When it quickly changed the ship was then amongst a storm. Below deck was very loud and chaotic, there were a lot of thuds, footsteps and yelling from above. You could see the flashes of lightening from the hatches. We quickly had to close the hatches to stop the wind and rain from coming through. There was stuff flying everywhere from across the room in the bunks. The ship was swaying aggressively from side to side, it was hard to steer and the movement was very intense. It was difficult to stay stable. My watch went to bed to rest. By morning we were in the seaway, making our way to Tipplers. When we arrived at Tippers we took the rubbish off the ship in the dinghy to put in the bins at shore. We all went across to the other side of Straddie to the beach to play with the footy and draw in the sand. We made our way back to the ship. We later left to Jacobs Well to drop off a broken sail that ripped in the storm. We then left to Blakesley’s and anchored the ship. We had a knot tying competition before dinner and went to bed.

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