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South Passage Daily Report

VOYAGE:                     Silkwood #3

VOYAGE NO:               20210503

DATE:                          03 May 2021

POSITION:                   Tangalooma, Moreton Island

REPORT BY:                 Red Watch

Started the day by retrieving the crab pot from last night. Sadly we only caught a shark, which we promptly returned to the ocean. After which we had a knot tying competition, a very close time between all watches. Then we raised the anchor manually, to leave Tangalooma Wrecks at 09:00, running rotations on the anchor pulley and water pump.

Sailing nearly due North, with a compass reading of 005. With a short deviation from the course, to pick up a bright pink balloon from the ocean, we reached Yellow Patch around 15:00.  We went to shore to enjoy some time on dry land. After returning to the boat some of us enjoyed a quick swim, followed by another rope tying competition. Enjoying a great dinner by Hugh before heading out to sail to Southport.

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