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South Passage Daily Report


VOYAGE:                     Silkwood #2

VOYAGE NO:               20210426

DATE:                          30th April 2021

POSITION:                   Tangalooma Wrecks 

REPORT BY:                 Zac and White watch

Today started as a relief from the hectic day before. We polished the brass, and blew the bugle. We won the knot competition and pancakes were served for hot breakfast shortly after. At around 10 o’clock we competed in a tacking competition, which we came 2nd in to blue watch. Our first run was quite messy and rushed due to us getting close to the island but for our second run, we composed ourselves and completed it in a solid time. It was lucky for us since we had our tack in average conditions but red team had a harsh time with the rough weather.

 At around 1 o’clock we took the dingy over the beach to begin our snorkelling journey. As the current carried us down past the wrecks, there was sighting of a sand shark and hundreds of small fish following us looking for any bread they could grab, the fish came close enough to feed them from our hands. Unfortunately a few people were nibbled by the feasting fish. We ran up the large sand dunes to see the amazing view over Moreton Bay, we also saw other people rolling down so we decided we should also.

The crew accepted our request to add a plank to the side of the boat for us to jump from. After the sightseeing of Moreton Island and the wreck snorkelling, we settled back down on the boat and discussed the challenges of tomorrow.

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