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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: General Public Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180402

FROM: Gladstone TO: Brisbane

DATE: 2 April 2018

POSITION: Pancake Creek

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

Today we started our voyage with a lesson on how to sail- in particular how to rise and takedown the head sails, how to quickly and safely tack and then we had a quick safety briefing. At around 9am we casted off from Gladstone Marina and headed out on our 40-45 mile indirect journey to Pancake Creek were we anchored for the night. Along this journey we faced some rough seas – with waves around 2m high.

Throughout todays adventures, many of the crew and adventurers were struck suffering from sea sickness. However, despite this minor setback, each team still successfully fulfilled their required duties whilst helping out one another when required. Upon arriving at our destination for the night, we anchored in the middle of Pancake Creek where the water was nice and flat. This sudden change in water activity was a breath of relief for all those who, previously, suffered heavily from seasickness.

Once anchored in Pancake Creek, each team set about practicing for the first of many rope tying competitions for the week. This friendly competition between each team was timed and the winner of the first competition – round turn and two half hitches- was, sadly, the white team, but the blue were close to follow! Tomorrow! Defiantly – we have all been practicing our reef knots intensely! For our first night anchored at sea, the blue team were on watch from 20:00 until 24:00! Here we measured the compass bearings of our position and the wind speed.

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