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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Silkwood School

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20210426

FROM: Manly to Manly

DATE: 27 April 2021

POSITION:  Blakesley Anchorage, Stradbroke Is

REPORT BY: White Watch

White Watch started the day being on watch, polishing the brass helm and writing down compass positions. Sienna then attempted to wake up peers with the bugle followed by breakfast shortly after. Before leaving Siaan went into the engine room and checked the fuel and made sure the ship was still running alright. Although it was not the best weather at the beginning of the day, we saw turtles and dolphins jumping out of the water while we relaxed on the bowsprit net.

Once we were sailing, the ship was completely heeled over to the port side (left) making simple tasks like eating, walking, and going to the bathroom, extremely difficult, although it was fun and we all enjoyed the challenge. The ship set sail for hours heading towards the Gold Coast whilst practicing tacking and individually helming the ship to our destination. For lunch we had burgers with selections of condiments and a wide variety of sauces.

After lunch as the weather slowly got better, a few of us decided to go for a swim and jump off the boat. For dinner we had beef stew and vegetables, completing the meal with a strawberry cheesecake. But before, everyone had to participate in another knot tying competition. We finished the night with endless back massage lines and Uno. The night was ended with a calming downfall of rain and our late night shift from 8 to 12. Sienna


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