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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Silkwood School

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20210420

FROM: Manly to Manly

DATE: 22 April 2021

POSITION:  Currigee, South Stradbroke Is

REPORT BY: Red Watch

The day started off with red watch waking up at 0500 an hour late to start the 4 hour shift. We polished the brass at 0600 and finished off at 0630, in time to wake everyone else on the voyage up with a bugle. Once everyone was awake, breakfast was ready (which was a range of porridge, juices and cereals). Red watch was first to breakfast, followed by white watch and then blue watch. At 0700 we had a bowline knot competition that blue watch won with a time of 47 seconds. We had our second breakfast with hash browns, toast and spaghetti.

After the washing up was done the anchor was lifted and we began to motoring south. At 1130 we had chicken burritos for lunch. We ran aground twice on the way (travelling through the channels). We raised the sails to as we passed Coran cove. At 1440 we stopped at Southport for roughly 10 minutes, then we continued to motor south for the last portion of the journey before anchoring in Currigee camp on South Stradbroke Island. Most students were taken by dinghy over to the island to swim and walk along the beach.

At 1730 we held a second knot competition for the clove hitch that white watch won with a time of 23 seconds. After the knot competition, we had steaks, potatoes, pumpkins and beans for dinner. For dessert we had boysenberry cheesecake, then we went downstairs to play cards and record the day in our journals.

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