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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: School Holiday Youth Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20220627

FROM: Cairns to Townsville

DATE: 27 June 2022

POSITION: Fitzroy Is

REPORT BY: White Watch

This morning we had an introduction on how the ship works and what our jobs would be over the course of our voyage. We set off from the Cairns Marina at about 9:30. The sailing was smooth for the beginning part as we went inland in order to raise the sails. Once we had the sails up, we set sail for Fitzroy Island. As we made our way out of the protection of the marina, the wind picked up and the sea became quite rough. Although we were all safe, it was still a little crazy. We were in the elements for most of the day, with some people succumbing to sea sickness, but we managed to make it through.

As we got closer to Fitzroy Island, we had to tack the sails multiple times, as the wind was being somewhat unpredictable. Normally the tacking wouldn’t be too difficult but with the state of the weather, it made it difficult. The ship was riding up waves and crashing back down again, which meant that everyone that was helping out with the tacking ended up significantly wet. As we approached the safe haven that was Fitzroy, we had to bring down the sails and move to the engine to get us into position to drop anchor.

Once the anchor was dropped some people hopped into the ocean for a swim. Although the wind was cold the water was actually surprisingly comfortable. After a while some people went to shore briefly, but most elected to stay on the ship. After a knot tying competition (which white team won) we got ready for dinner, which consisted of expertly made chicken, rice, peas, carrot and gravy, and everyone devoured it. While today was tough, everyone pulled together and we managed to get through it together. Xavier

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