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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: The Cathedral School

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20190805

FROM: Townsville To: Townsville

DATE: 7 August 2019

POSITION:  Orpheus Is

REPORT BY: Group A White Watch

The White Watch’s morning started early with the watch’s duty where we learnt about the different marks and lights used while sailing and the parts of the ship. We watched the sunrise whilst polishing the ship’s brass. The crew was woken up by a rendition on the bugle and kick started the day with a knotting competition. Everyone then had a hot breakfast and got ready to lift the anchor. The anchor was a whole group contribution that was a rotational job shared between the students. The ship was then ready to get moving and all the sails were raised.

The days focus was to learn how to tack, which was an incredible experience. The South Passage anchored at Falcon Island were the students went walking up the hill and collected sea shells and rubbish along the beach. The best rubbish collected was the Townsville Aluminium Ladder that was carried and now resides on the beach. The students reenergised themselves with a swim off the boat in the cold ocean water. After the swim and a brief afternoon tea the anchor was again raised and the team set sail past Orpheus Island. Cathedral Camp Group B was waiting on the shore to wave hello. The anchor was then again rested and another knotting competition went under way. The day finished with a lovely dinner and dessert.

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