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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: The Cathedral School

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20190805

FROM: Townsville To: Townsville

DATE: 9 August 2019


REPORT BY: Group B Blue Watch

My experience of the south passage began with the blue group getting called up on deck at 6:00am to polish the helm and it was so cold I thought my legs were going to fall off. It was also Mick and Hugh’s (The Cook) birthday. First we had cold breakfast and then had our knot tying competition (Reef Knot). Before we started the competition, we elected new Bosuns for each watch group. After that we had hot breakfast which was eggs, bacon and toast.

We then waved goodbye to the two groups on Pelorus and lifted the sails on our course to Cardwell to pick up food. People on watch were able to steer the boat, which for me was the most terrifying experience. We spotted some dolphins and whales along the way and eventually reached Cardwell. We were allowed a choice to leave the boat to explore around the nearby park.

We departed Cardwell and hoisted the sails to go to our destination, Dunk Island, our next adventure. The sunset was absolutely gorgeous and we were glad that we could enjoy it with the birthday boys. Hilleard The Octopus’s group gathered around and sang happy birthday and cut the two chocolate mud cakes in celebration. The South Passage kept sailing into the night…

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