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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: The Cathedral School

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20190805

FROM: Townsville To: Townsville

DATE: 10 August 2019

POSITION:  Lucinda

REPORT BY: Group D White Watch

We woke up on the 5th day on Dunk Island with the South Passage ship anchored off shore. With expectations of a massive pirate ship, we walked along the jetty to see the 100 foot sailing vessel cruising into shore with Group B on board. After a quick hello and change over, we were on board the South Passage learning the ropes. By 12pm Hugh, the cook, had prepared a wonderful spread of fresh, delicious salads and toppings accompanied by a wide selection of fresh bread rolls.

After selecting the Bosun (the team leader), they were put to work sorting the group members into their positions to up anchor the traditional way. As soon as the anchor was up, we hoisted up the sails and sailed away from Dunk setting course for south down to Hinchinbrook Channel. With three groups competing for the ultimate knot tying title,  White Watch was hard at work timing the tying of their tied knots, with the fastest time being 4.01 seconds. The practice was cut short as a crew member spotted the first dolphin of the trip.

With a little bit of down time, while the Red Watch were navigating down the channel, Blue and White Watch enjoyed a lovely meal of spaghetti made by Hugh with sticky date pudding for dessert. As the sun set on the 5th day, White Watch relieved Red Watch and navigated the last stretch before anchoring outside Lucinda.

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