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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: The Cathedral School

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20190805

FROM: Townsville To: Townsville

DATE: 11 August 2019

POSITION:  Orpheus Is

REPORT BY: Group D Red Watch

Today is Sunday, our shift started at 4 am this morning. Wazza (our watch leader) did the first two hours for us, which we were very thankful for because after our first 4 sleeps on rocky, roughened ground we needed all the rest we could get. However someone on the boys side was snoring. He woke up our bosun at 6, who at the time was Richard, who proceeded to wake up the boys (Jack and Liam) then Georgia, who was his best mate, she woke up the girls (Ally and Dakota) Our first order of duty was to polish the brass on the steering wheel and stairs leading down to the galley, where of course Hugh the friendly cook was preparing and cooking our group’s breakfast.

We only spent about 5-10 mins doing that before Wazza sent us to practise our knots for that morning’s knot tying competition. Our team had an advantage as Wazza had showed us how to do the first three knots on the first day (we tied with White Watch on the first knot, we both had 41 seconds) but some of us needed a little extra practise. So we spent the next 15 mins tying knots on the side of the ship before Richard went into the cabin and blew the bugle awakening all the sleeping members of our team with a groan.

As our friends emerged sleepy eyed and eager for the day ahead, Bill (the captain) called us into our watch groups and the competition began. Unfortunately White Watch reined victorious, red watch followed closely behind, but not enough to win the match. As the battle of the knots came to an end Hugh called us for hot breakfast, as always Hugh served us with a joyful smile and a warm attitude. Breakfast consisted of warmed beans, scrambled eggs and toast with a cute little garnish on top to complete the amazing meal. We all sat out on the deck together, crew, cook and cabin crew and watch the sun rise as the breeze blew through our hair.

After the washing up it was time to set sail, with winds blowing strong we were in for a rough sail to Orpheus Island. Red watch was positioned at the jib racing against the tide to ensure we didn’t get stuck at Lucinda. I got harnessed up and sent over the bow to untie the jib, an experience I will never forget. As we heaved together and pulled the ropes into position and the sail went up. Rope burns, busted skin and sea sick stomachs we pulled through as a team and went on our way. Among the crashing waves and scorching sun we still managed to spot a whale frolicking and splashing about in the distant sea.

It was an easy afternoon consisting of knot tying, gasbagging and card playing. As Hugh’s warm smile greeted us again for dinner (chicken legs, rice, carrots, peas and a mouth-watering gravy) our entire team sat below deck and ate together laughing about anything and everything. We were really starting to feel like a family, like we could depend on the people around us and knew they would try their best and wouldn’t let us down. Dayna, Ally and I got into a deep and rapidly unwinding conversation with Bill about global warming and climate change and the stars before heading below deck to play Uno, Cheat and President with Clem, Malachy, Sofia and Tanaya (accompanied by Hugh) and well now here I am sitting in the galley writing this. Dakota


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