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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Ormiston College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20190920

FROM: Manly To: Manly

DATE: 20 September 2019

POSITION:  Tangalooma Wrecks, Moreton Is

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

Just awake and ready to go, 17 students, 2 teachers and South Passage crew members boarded excited for the journey they were about to undergo. Departing from the William Gunn Jetty, we were sorted in to our watch groups (Blue, Red and White) before we went down into the ship’s hull and made up our bunks and stored our bags. Soon after, the South passage crew gave a short rope handling session before the captain and sailing master gave a safety briefing. By 10AM, the ship and it crew was preparing to leave the marina. Once we were out of the marina, the sails were raised and everyone was put to work as we began our voyage with a course set for Tangalooma. Along the Voyage, we sailed past St. Helena Island, Green Island and Mud Island and saw a mass of Jelly fish, Dolphins, breaching Whales, Pelicans, Whistling Kites and Turtles.

As we came into Tangalooma, we all took out respective positions on the ship. The sails came down and all ropes were tied off as the anchor was dropped. With sunset rolling, in all groups partook in a knot tying competition. The knot for this round was the round turn and two half hitches sadly, the Red watch took the win in this round beating us by 8 seconds – competition levels are high for the next round tomorrow morning with the new challenge of a reef knot. Everyone enjoyed an amazing dinner and dessert from the ships cook, Cath, that we all enjoyed with our friends and the smell of salt water. After everything and everyone had cleaned up, night watch began. We began our watch at 8PM and continue till midnight. Throughout the watch we will carry out a series of checks for the ship as well as filling in our adventure manuals, making sure the ship is safe and trying to keep ourselves awake. We are looking forward to going swimming tomorrow and exploring Tangalooma, till next time!


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