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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Redlands College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20190924

FROM: Manly To: Hervey Bay

DATE: 26 September 2019

POSITION:  Moon Point, Platypus Bay

REPORT BY: Red Watch

The weather conditions today were ideal. The average temperature was around 23 degrees. The sun was shining and the wind was low so we decided to start our day off at the beach. After such a rough and exhausting day before this was a nice break. After a yummy breakfast of hash browns and taking out a win in the knotting competition we were ready for the waves.

In groups of 5-6, we headed to the shores of Fraser Island by motorboat, and relaxed on the sand. We also played touch and ventured through the bushes via the tracked paths. Unfortunately, the water was too cold for majority of us to swim in, so we headed back after an hour.

Luckily our cook Hugh had cooked up some delicious spag-bog for lunch. After many servings we were ready to set sail. With the red watch talking charge of the mainsail we prepped and had it raised within the hour. At around 2:30, Red Watch’s team leader brought out a pink ukulele. A few ship passengers including Alonda, David and other watch members began to create songs and beats to pass time. This went on for about 45 minutes. It was a highlight of the day. During this, we steadily sailed past Kingfisher Bay resort into Platypus Bay.

We arrived at Coongul Creek at 5pm and began preparing for the knot tying competition. The assigned knot was the figure-of-eight knot and was completed in 15 seconds by the red team with a well-deserved win. Then a delicious dinner of steak and veggies was served, followed by cheesecake for dessert. Around 6:30, about 10 of us gathered in the main cabin and played UNO. To complete the steady and calm day, we had a night watch and enjoyed snacks and beverages such as hot chocolate and biscuits.

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