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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Silver Youth Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20190930

FROM: Hervey Bay To: Manly

DATE: 3 October 2019


REPORT BY: White Watch

When we woke up we had breakfast which was delicious pancakes and we raised the anchor and put the anchor back down closer to the Tangalooma wrecks where we were able to go ashore and go for a swim. This morning we also had a knot tying competition where blue watch won. After our swim we came back to the boat and had lunch, we also saw a turtle off the side of the boat where we were anchored. Then we put up the sails again and headed for Peel Island. While we were on the way to Peel Island some people went out on the bow sprit.

On the way to Peel Island we learnt how to gybe to go along with tacking. There were also a couple dolphins that we got to see along the side of the boat. When we arrived at Peel Island we took down the sails and anchored for the night where we had another knot tying competition which red watch won. On Thursday night we elected the skipper, navigator and sailing master for command day and finished off the day with a sing along up on deck with the ukulele.

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