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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: St Philips Christian College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20191020

FROM: Coffs Harbour To: Port Stephens

DATE: 21 October 2019

POSITION:  en route to Broughton Is

REPORT BY: White Watch

White watch had an early start to clean the brass on the helm of the South Passage. After that London woke up the rest of the crew with the newly polished bugle. Hugh had already prepared cold breakfast for everyone to enjoy. After we cleaned up the heads and sleeping quarters some of us went for a warm, relaxing swim.

While preparing to leave Trial Bay we spotted a mother whale and her calf along with a pod of dolphins. As the crew hoisted the main and fore sails, white watch hoisted the jib and staysail. As we entered the open ocean the water was calm and the sky was clear. We tacked all the way along the cost as we sang songs and guessed riddles after Hugh made yet another outstanding lunch of burritos. Once we finished lunch we kept on tacking and took turns on watches. We all went on the bowsprit throughout the course of the journey before we had bangers and mash for dinner and sticky date PUUDDDDING with custard for dessert.

The sunset was spectacular as we passed Port Macquarie while we mentally prepared for the long night watches ahead. After mustered off the most capable and experienced watch mustered on. As the night went on London, Ethan and John discovered that the plankton became a white, iridescent colour when the white wash stirred them up. We made our own hot chocolate after each steering the helm and that’s the road so far.

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