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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: St Philip’s Christian College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20191109

FROM: Sydney To: Sydney

DATE: 10 November 2019

POSITION:  Yeoman’s Bay, Broken Bay

REPORT BY: White Watch V2

We woke up, had some brekky, Max blew the bugle with precision and gusto. Later we rode in a dinghy over to an island (Australia) and went on a hike to the top of a waterfall, the view was unbelievable. While we were waiting for the dinghy to come back and pick us up many of us swam. Sam slipped down the hill. (No students were physically hurt on the exploration).

Cath, the legend, cooked us a fabulous lunch. We love Cath. Cath is great. After lunch we sailed for approximately four and a half hours, we spent most of this time tacking back and forth. On the way to our anchorage spot we saw a huge swarm of jellyfish. Once we anchored everyone enjoyed a refreshing dip. Many people yeeted off the side of the boat to the water and had lots of fun. We also had a backstay competition.

We had a knot tying competition for the bowline knot before the majestic Cath cooked us up some bangers and mash. Followed by some mango cheesecake. After dinner we all chilled out on deck and had some fun with lots of laughs. During our shift we were controlling the jib and staysail. Our shift went for 3 hours and for the main part we tacked. Vang, backstay, backstay, tack, backstay, backstay, vang. 

We also learnt about R.O.P.E.S:

– Respect all leaders and fellow students and parents.

– Opportunities to do things that are out of our comfort zones.

– Participation in activities such as sailing, skills, swimming.

– Enjoyment jumping of side of boat

– Safety is taking care in all that is done on the ship.

This was all under the wrath of our wonderful leader Dane. Cath came out with what we all wanted, CAKE!

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