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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: MacKillop College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20191203

FROM: Sydney To: Sydney

DATE: 4 December 2019

POSITION:  Refuge Cove, Broken Bay

REPORT BY: White Watch

Today we woke up at 0600 hrs and we cleaned the brass on the helm and the bell. We then woke everyone up at 0630 hrs with a bugle and after everyone was up we had breakfast, which consisted of an assortment of cereals, juices, fruit, tea and coffee. At 0715 we had hot breakfast which consisted of hash browns, toast and spaghetti. We then had a knot competition which was the reef knot. At 1110 hrs we saw a pod of dolphins.

For lunch we had hamburgers which were delicious! Afterwards we began sailing and at 1507 hrs we saw harmless jelly fish which we named Steve. (Because we didn’t know what they really were). After that we took all the sails down and stopped at Refuge Cove. We then went swimming at a beach in the cove. We then saw more Steve’s (jelly fish).

When we got back from the beach we had another knot tying competition which was the figure eight knot, White Watch took the victory! After that we had dinner, which was steak, roast potatoes, pumpkin, peas and gravy. For dessert we had apple Danish and custard. Afterwards we had a concert and it was very entertaining, blue watch took the Win. And we are now drinking chocolate, eating biscuits and writing our report.

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